Dimethicone BP/IP

Dimethicone B.P is a linear Polydimethylsiloxanes polymer containing repeating –(CH3)2-SiO- units,stabilized with trimethyl siloxane end blocking units. Dimethicones are used in Pharmaceutical and Cosmetic applications. As a Dimethicones in pharmaceutical and cosmetic applications can provide long lasting lubricant, smooth feel and spreads easily.


Chemically inert.


Resistant to ageing by atmospheric agents (oxygen, ozone,water, light).

Low surface tension.



Appearance: Clear, colourless liquid of various viscosities

% Volatile Content @ 150°C /2 Hrs: < 0.3 %

Acidity : < 0.15 ml of 0.01 N NaOH

Heavy Metals: < 5 ppm

Flash point (open cup), °C : 280 to 300

Produced in Registered Drug facilities according to criteria set by FDA.


Simethicone 100% USP

Mixture of Polydimethylsiloxane and Silicone dioxide. Simethicone USP is a 100% active, specially designed to be used in Pharma and Food Industry as antifoam. They are recommended for use as an ant flatulent in antacid preparations. Silicone antifoam for use in pharmaceutical and medical applications requiring foam suppression or inhibition.


Excellent Defoaming and Antifoaming properties.

Superior performance in Ant flatulent preparations.

Good dispensability.

Excellent temperature stability.

Chemically inert and non-toxic.


Appearance: Greyish translucent viscous fluid viscous

% Volatile Content: < 2

Viscosity at 25°C ( cps) : 1000 to 3000 cps

Defoaming time: Max. 15 Secs

Specific gravity at 25°C : 1.00

Heavy Metals: < 5 ppm

Produced in Registered Drug facilities according to criteria set by FDA.